December Daily 01

These December Daily posts will be written only in English as that is the language I will use in the album that I will make out of these postings.

Nämä December Daily -postaukset kirjoitan pelkästään englanniksi, koska sillä kielellä myös näistä postauksista koottava albumi tulee olemaan.


This year it is about introducing Christmas to Tristan. He is almost three years old and that means he can understand an awful lot and also remember! I have been trying to think how to teach him what the purpose of Christmas is. How to give him the experiences that are essential to me during Christmas time? What traditions do I want to introduce now when we are celebrating Christmas in our house? What traditions can be moved from a house to another and even from a country to another?

It is the first day of December. I want to be able to enjoy, feel and experience  throughout this magical month!

“Mitä on sisällä?”  (“What is inside?”) was he eagerly asking when he saw the Christmas calendar. We learned number 1 as he was searching for it among all the numbers.

The craft of the day was a little snow ball made of wool. To be honest, it was pretty much me & myself who made it. T’s patience is not quite enough. He was happy to play with it anyhow when it was done.


6 comments on “December Daily 01

  1. Voi ei, mä en enää edes muistanut noita villalankapalloja! Niitä oli aina lapsena meillä kotona, ja niitä tehtiin yhdessä. Ihanaa, pakko tehdä tänään illalla muutama omaan kotiinkin! Kiitos!

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