December Daily 03

Christmas is being built bit by bit here in our home. I have many ongoing projects at the same time. That is the way I like it and actually the only way to do it as I never have enough time to do one from start to finish. There is all the time somebody, a little boy – the one or the other, asking for something. So I do things when I have a spare minute. The sewing project is spread on the dinner table. The December Daily & scrapbooking projects are everywhere in my craft corner (I am very lucky to have a place where I can just leave them and go and continue when I can instead of having to clear them away all the time!). There is something baking or cooking most of the time in the kitchen. Yesterday evening and today I prepared swede casseroles. Yummy! One little dish we already finished, the other five dishes went into the freezer.

It is T’s first day in the nursery, once a week from 1pm to 5pm. Wow. This is a big thing for me. He is such a big boy! I already miss him although he has been away for an hour. Luckily the other one is sleeping so I can make the most of this (craft) time!

The craft of the day has been gift tags. I downloaded the Finnish version from here and the English version from here. T helped me to color and glue some of them. His favorite thing is now cutting with scissors! I tried out my ProMarkers on the tags.

I have also made a couple of pages of my December Daily album! More about that later.


2 comments on “December Daily 03

  1. Mumba: Lanttulaatikot näyttävät herkullisilta! Maltan tuskin odottaa niiden maistelua. Elämän paradoksi: Kun on ideoita ja virtaa niiden toteuttamiseen, on pulaa ajasta. Kun vanhempana on enemmän aikaa toteuttaa ideoitaan, puuttuu virtaa! On tosi inspiroivaa seurata joulusi edistymistä. Ehkä tuosta energiasta tarttuu jotain meikäläiseenkin.

  2. Sä olet kyllä superemäntä! ja pakettikortit on hienoja ja erikoisesti hienosti väritettyjä 🙂 muista ottaa iisisti välillä, ettet ihan uuvu ennen joulua…

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