December Daily 05

I am not a gardener. Not even really interested in plants. But in our house even though A takes care of our garden it is me who has to do something about the kitchen window sill. In my opinion it has to have flowers. On the outside as well as in.

In winter time the only option for the sill is heathers. I love heathers. They remind me of the beautiful forests back home. They are easy to take care of, they are subtle in color and just simply pretty.

After potting the heathers and setting them by my kitchen window, I sighed. A sigh of admiration of beauty. And I was thinking that how come I hadn’t done this two weeks ago. Or even a lot earlier. Luckily I get to enjoy my beautiful heathers through the whole winter, not just the Christmas time.

Today we made a snow fort out of sugar cubes with T. I don’t know what is the best way to attach the pieces together. I simply used ordinary glue but am not sure if it really works. Royal icing or hot glue might have been better but I didn’t have time for anything else. T  had to lick almost every little white sugar brick… I had thought that if I don’t tell him what the bricks are made of he wouldn’t know. But he was too clever for me!

Now we, Mr & Mrs, are off to the Christmas Ball at A’s work. Oscar’s theme, good food, no children.


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