December Daily 07

We are getting closer to Christmas. I almost think “oh no” as it means that soon this special season is over again – although there may be a sigh of relief once all the hassle is gone. My mom reminded me, when commenting somebody’s Facebook status, that the fun part in Christmas is the decorating and preparing since the Christmas itself is so short. These daily posts help me to concentrate on Christmas a little bit, sometimes a lot, every day in December and in that way I am sure I am getting more done well in time, not just two days before Christmas.

I dug out the winter / Christmas Moomin mugs. I have a small collection of 26 Moomin mugs. I love them. Every season I change the mugs I keep in the kitchen to match the colors and atmosphere of spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Sweet little T, he has no idea that soon Santa will add to his beloved train collection :).

Today’s craft was made in the toddler group. T was the first child to start and the last to leave the craft table. He was so happy playing with scissors, glitter and glue! I was thrilled to see how well he was handling the materials and tools and how he likes crafts.

This is what the little ones do when the big ones are doing crafts.


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