December Daily 10

Today when taking T to nursery I saw them again, the most horrendous Christmas lights!

There is much more than in the picture you can see but I didn’t dare to come out from the car to take a photo of somebody else’s yard. Anyway, lots of blinking, bright colors, Santa’s climbing on the walls, train, reindeers etc. I just can’t get it. How can you sleep if you see such variety of lights and colors blinking throughout the night?

To me the lights have to be white (yellow). Preferably no blinking. And I hate the Santa’s hanging from a balkony or climbing the ladder. No thank you. The lights (and other decorations too) should reflect and support the spirit of the season. Something peaceful, quiet, beautiful and calming.

Actually if you just look at the different styles of lights you can tell the difference in celebrating Christmas in Finland and UK. The first Christmas time in UK for me was a shock! I had never know that Christmas can be celebrated in such a noisy and merry way. There are balloons, whistles, crackers, crowns and hats, party poppers, confetti, lots of noise and merry making. Like what we would have in Finland in Vappu on the May 1st.

My Christmases had always been quiet and peaceful, family oriented and reverent. I think that is how I prefer it. And now when creating our own Christmas that is the guide line for me when thinking of the atmosphere.

We didn’t have much time for crafting today as we have been out and about the whole day. Almost all the Christmas gifts are now purchased! Today I have been running around shops like crazy as it is the only day during the week that I can use the car (as I need it to take T to nursery).

In the nursery T had made a little ornament that we hung into the mini Christmas tree in the kitchen. In the evening just before going to bed T wanted to cut and glue a bit so we made this:


4 comments on “December Daily 10

  1. Voi kun T on tosiaan taitava!

    Ja kyllä ne välkyt ja värit ovat tulleet jo tännekin päin. A on ehdotellut meille kaikenlaista värikästä mutta on suostunut pitäytymään minun makuni mukaisissa yksinkertaisissa, keltaisissa kynttilöissä ja valoissa.

    Mikä on muuten tuo toiseksi alimmassa kuvassa oleva? Se näyttää hienolta!

  2. I didn’t know Christmas in the UK was so “Loud”. That sounds horrible.

    As to colored lights.. they aren’t my cup of tea, either, but I think some people express reverence in different ways. They may be reverent, but not STYLISH. The most stylish Christmas is held in Finland, of course. 😉

  3. Argh, jouluvaloissa on kyllä tosi karmeita näkyjä, just tuo kuvasi esimerkiksi! Itse en kestä sitä, että puuhun on heitetty joku valonauha siten, että se vaan retkottaa jotenkin toisella puolella. Tai valot jossain parvekkeen kaiteessa on toisessa reunassa. Pitää olla symmetrisesti!

    Siinä mielessä olen suvaitsevainen, että hyväksyn vihreät valot, omassakin pihassa on katajassa sellaiset. Sen sijaan siniset ei käy. 😉

    Tosi kiva teidän jouluaskarteluprojekti!

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