December Daily 11

Last night at 11 o’clock I though that all our Christmas preparations would have to be put on hold as E woke up with 39,9 of temperature. Swine flu, we thought, now it has hit us! We gave E medicine and rang a medical helpline and got some advice after being asked lots of questions. It was not swine flu. The temperature started to decrease and after an hour it was 38,1 and we went to sleep. In the morning at 5.30 when he got up he was like he had never had this strange fever. I took him to see a doctor, just to hear that he is ok.

Finally I progressed with my wreths and the poor dinner table is not hiding anymore underneath a pile of stuff collected from the garden and forest.

I made two wreaths, without any particular plans or instructions and was so excited, felt the flow of creating and appreciated the small garden of ours where I found most of the stuff I needed!


4 comments on “December Daily 11

  1. Mumba: Todella hieno vehreä kranssi. T näyttää valokuvassa siltä, että hän on todella kiinnostunut myös. Huh, toivottavasti E oli vain joulunodotuskuumeessa.

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