December Daily 12

We have had a lovely day. Nothing special, not even very Christmasy. Just an ordinary family day. Well, ordinary may not be the right word for it as these kind of days happen way too rarely. Ordinary in that sense that we haven’t done anything “special” but the whole day has been special – everybody healthy, last night was quite good, the children have been on a good mood and played nicely, A got some gardening done and ordered our winter tires, E has been finally eating properly (papa’s curry of course!). Lots of little things which make a perfect day!

The craft time of the day consisted of decorating some pegs with glitter to be used to hang Christmas cards. This craft was perfect for T, he actually was doing it until it was all done and didn’t quit and disappear in half way leaving me doing most of the work like with most of our little crafty projects. He is a bit obsessed with glitter glue :).


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