December Daily 13

In the mornings it is time to open the advent calendar. I only have ordinary chocolate calendars for the boys but it seems to be enough of excitement, especially for little E. When I take the calendars down from a top of a book shelf, E literally runs with his tiny legs to me and squeals of excitement! After opening the calendar and eating the chocolate E would like to have more and gets angry when I put the calendars back on the top of the shelf. Many times every day he walks to the book case, lifts his arms up towards where he knows the calendars are, and is asking me to give them to him. “No, E, tomorrow we can open another one!”

For T I have an extra thing in addition to the chocolate caledar. Every day he can take one little ornament from a pouch and hang it on our mini Christmas tree in the kitchen. He loves it!

We baked some gingerbread using German ready-made dough. Not quite like the gingerbreads that I am used to but not bad either. On Wednesday though when we go to Ikea I will get some gingerbread dough from there if they have some.


One comment on “December Daily 13

  1. MUMBA: E on tullut sukuunsa ja tuntee jo suklaan viettelykset. Voin ihan nähdä, miten hän kipittää saamaan päivittäisen annoksensa:-)

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