December Daily 15

Meet Erno & Olavi who got eyes today and are thus ready to be wrapped in paper and hidden until the Christmas eve. It is not too hard to guess who these owls are for. The idea for these is from a Finnish Christmas magazine. I used the materials I found in my fabric scraps, the eyes are crocheted.

I don’t know where the day disappeared. We have done something all the time but can’t really tell anything that we did. I had a lovely quiet moment when both boys were asleep. I enjoyed a magazine, cup of glögi and beautiful Finnish Christmas music.

I needed a few things from shops. For a snack we stopped to a bakery (I just love the German bakeries!) and got Advent Bröt and a roll with chocomilk. The lady in the bakery gave the Christmas hat to the boys.

As T had a nap during the day we didn’t do any new crafts today. Just some paper snowflakes again.


9 comments on “December Daily 15

    • pieni on erno, iso olavi. tuli tosiaan munkin mielestä aika söpöläiset! katsotaan vaan miten kelpaa junahullulle pojalle…

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