December Daily 17

Our first Christmas guest arrived today – Mummi! That meant lots of excitement and fun for the boys. And help with kids & cooking for me.

It has been a crazy day, driving here and there, airport, nursery, winter tires for the car, shopping. I feel like I am all over the place and can’t get anything (Christmas related) done. There hasn’t been any time for any crafts and I feel sorry about that.

Yesterday my old laptop finally stopped working. And it took two months of pictures which I hadn’t saved elsewhere! My own fault as I knew the computer was going to die any day. Still I am terribly annoyed. And then today the flash of my SLR stopped working! Aaaargh I just don’t need these problems now. I really want to have the camera working for Christmas :(. Lets hope there won’t be any more disasters lurking around the corner and tomorrow is a better day. At least we have winter tires on now (and even changing them was a real episode today but eventually it got done).

Please, everybody do me a favor! RIGHT NOW make a copy of all of your pictures, burn a cd, put them on a memory stick or external memory, something. Nothing is more annoying than losing your photos. Thank goodness I have this blog so at least there are some photos documented here!


One comment on “December Daily 17

  1. Voi EIIIIIIII! Otan osaa. Tosi kurja juttu molemmat “tapaturmat”. Mutta onneksi nyt on mummi siellä ja elämäsi ehkä vähän helpompaa. Ja pian siellä on muitakin jouluvieraita!

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