December Daily 19

It has been a lovely winter day. Full of bright sunshine and -12C.

Sometimes I think that some days have more hours than 24. Sometimes it is a curse as days may feel neverending with children. But sometimes it is a blessing like today. It has been a wonderful day for me (A is still terribly ill). We have done lots of fun stuff. I love this kind of winter weather! I made ice lanterns and am still making more as long as the temperature allows.

I made a center piece (or what ever it ends up being) to the table with the help of T. We created frost on cones and leaves by brushing some egg white on them first and then sprinkling sugar on top.

We baked cookies for the gingerbread house. And hung the Christmas cards with the pegs we decorated earlier.

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas!


One comment on “December Daily 19

  1. MUMBA: It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, traa-la-laa-la-laa…It sure does! I love the ice lanterns and the center piece.

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