December Daily 20

Bright morning turned into heavy snowing that is still going on now in the evening. It is great to have more snow but driving today was very slow also on auto bahns and the speed dropped from the normal 150 km/h to 60 km/h.

In the morning I left all the ill people home and drove to church with E. Loved the Christmas hymns! Today it feels that all my time has gone to just the normal running-the-house business! How do I ever get everything done before Thursday?! My nose is also running now. I don’t want to get ill!!!


3 comments on “December Daily 20

  1. Me selvittiin juuri ja juuri vierailusta äidin luo. Keli oli ihan kamala, väliin tietä ei nähnyt lumentulolta ollenkaan ja piti ajaa vain edellisen auton punaisten valojen perässä. Huh! Ja koko ajan radiossa ilmoitettiin onnettomuuksista (4 kuoli).

    Sitkeästi vaan hedelmämehuja naamaan, niin et sairastu!

  2. You do seem stressed out a little…. I recommend a long, hot bath, with afterward peeling, and face mask, and pedicure… It always works wonders! 😉

    Oh, and I love that top picture of the rear view mirror sunset! (Although I hope you didn’t take it while driving 150 km/h, haha).


    And PS So sorry about your photos, You reminded me that I really need to make back-up copies of mine, too!

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