December Daily 21

I can’t believe that it is only three nights to Christmas! What is going to happen then? I will probably feel all empty and bored for a while. I wonder what kinds of projects I come up with the New Year!

It has been another extremely busy day! It started sadly when dad phoned from the airport saying that their flight here is canceled! I was so disappointed! After some time they got seats of a flight this evening and we are expecting them to arrive now any minute. This is all because of yesterdays snowing in Central Europe. So sad for so many people who were going to travel for Christmas and maybe won’t make it!

Lovely sunshine invited us out and again I had to hurry but luckily Mummi took T to the park to play in the snow. I struggled pushing pram to the supermarket on roads that hadn’t been cleared from snow. Got what I needed from Penny Markt, three full bags, loaded all of it on the belt at the till and realised that I didn’t have my wallet with me (this is not the first time this happens to me..)! Luckily Mummi had left her purse in the pram and I borrowed the money I needed from there.

We started to decorate the gingerbread house. I suppose I am a modern house builder as I used a ready (gingerbread) house package from Ikea. The pieces were broken in many places as they always seem to be but melted sugar fixes everything. The roof tiles are cereal glued with royal icing. T was supposed to help me decorating but he concentrated on eating the decorations I had reserved for the house, like choco raisins and smarties.

My camera flash problem is solved. The repair of the internal flash would have cost at least 150e so we got an external one for 100e and it is brilliant! Although bulky. Now I am trying to relax a bit while waiting our visitors to arrive with something I have adapted from aunty M: a Christmas basket full of goodies!


One comment on “December Daily 21

  1. Meidänkin pitäisi hankkia ulkoinen salama. Paljon pehmeämpiä salamalla otettuja kuvia! Onnittelut vaan teille tekniikkalisäyksestä 🙂

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