December Daily 25

Today is probably my favorite day of the year. The stress of the Christmas Eve preparations is over, the house is still beautiful and cosy with all the decorations. The fridge is full of food. Everybody just wearing pajamas. Eating, relaxing, tv, eating, reading, kids playing with new toys with great excitement.

Yesterday, the Christmas Eve, was wonderful. All the work during this month paid off and we had a lovely evening! The Christmas dinner was delicious, the atmosphere warm, the boys behaved well. The Santa Claus was great and brought way too many gifts for the children and some of them weren’t even opened yesterday because there was so many. Lovely presents were given and received. I truly have a wonderful family! And this was a wonderful Christmas!


2 comments on “December Daily 25

  1. How sweet your boys look in their Christmas outfits! And I like your outfit, too. The last photo is just awesome, you all look so perfectly happy! One can see that you’re definitely having a wonderful Christmas!

  2. MUMBA: Thank you for a lovely Christmas! We had a wonderful visit and enjoyed all the food, decorations, good company, Paderborn Christmas market and most of all the sweet, sweet grandchildren.

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