December Daily 26

It is boxing day and Christmas 2009 is starting to fade away. I thought I would feel empty when reaching this point after many weeks of preparations which have been both enjoyable and stressful. I don’t feel empty. I feel fulfilled. I am ready to let go of the magic of Christmas, look forward to the New Year and start it fresh and inspired with new ideas and new projects. It has been a wonderful Christmas and I am happy this whole month is documented.

This past Christmas is documented in photographs and in this blog. These blog posts will become an December Daily album sometime soon. Recording the events of every day has been a wonderful experience but also somewhat stressful and time consuming. Anyhow I am glad I have done that and I suppose the real worth of this documentation will increase as the time goes.

At home the Christmas decorations can stay until the January 6th and there is still some Christmas food left. Slowly we move on from the festive season back to our everyday routines. I am happy that we got to do lots of crafting with T and I am hoping to keep doing that in the New Year too.


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