Upea valo – Gorgeous Light

CSIn tämänkertainen haaste oli yhdistelmä Once Upon a Sketchiä ja tavanomaista CSI-haastetta. Hauskaa!

This week’s CSI Challenge was a combination of Once Upon a Sketch and the ordinary CSI case solving. Lots of fun!

Tässä on minun versioni haasteesta.

Here is my go at this challenge.

Materials: My Mind’s Eye, Tim Holtz, bits of paper & fabric, cake doily, paper flowers, heart pin from my Etsy Shop.

Täällä Aberdeenissa on askartelukauppa nimeltä Papeterie, suuressa vanhassa tehdashallissa. Jostakin syystä olen ihastunut tuohon vessaan (joo, olen outo) ja ihanaan luonnonvaloon, joka suurista ikkunoista sisälle pääsee. Myös nuo vanhat tuolit sekä seinäpanelit ovat vaan jotenkin ihana yhdistelmä.

Here in Aberdeen there is a craft shop called Papeterie, in an old big industrial building. For some reason I just love the toilet over there (yes, I must be weird) and the beautiful natural light that lights up the room so beautifully. The old chairs and the old style walls all add to the feeling.


Here are the details of my case solving this time:

The colors & the sketch are there.

The evidence: mesh, misting, fibers, tone on tone.

The testimony: a speech bubble


13 comments on “Upea valo – Gorgeous Light

  1. It is a beautiful layout! I like that you incorporated a lot of white as well. It makes your lay-out complement the photo really well. Thank you for playing along at OUAS!

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