Art Journal for the first time ever!

Art Journaling on minua kiinnostanut jo vaikka kuinka pitkään ja jostakin syystä en vain ole saanut sitä kokeiltua. Vihkonen, jonne tätä taidetta voisi taiteilla, on olemassa kyllä. Nyt päätin vihdoin kokeilla ja tein aukeaman. Oli kerrassaan ihanaa, ei sääntöjä joita pitäisi noudattaa, vaan ihan siltä-miltä-tuntuu-meiningillä tehty.

Art Journaling has been fascinating me for a quite some time but I have never managed to try it myself. I even had the booklet to create my art journaling in. Now finally I did make a two pager. And how fun and delightful was that! There are no rules restricting but you can get creative in any style and do pretty much anything you want in your art journal!

art journal 01 coursera 2

Aloitin värjäämällä valkoiset sivut käyttämällä mustetta ja brayeria. Leikkelin valokuvia sekä otin kuvia myös aikakauslehdistä. Leimausta, lävistystä, maskausta, doodlausta. Siinäpä se.

art journal 02

Skräppihetkissä on tänään alkanut uusi haaste! Aiheena on kuvaan kajoaminen, ts. tavalliset suorakaiteen muotoiset valokuvat eivät kelpaa, vaan kuville pitää tehdä jotakin – leikata, raaputtaa, repiä… Tässä art journaling -aukeamassa olen leikannut useampaa valokuvaa. Aikaa haasteeseen osallistumiseen on 17.7. saakka! Tervetuloa mukaan!

It is time for a new challenge at Scrap Moments! The theme is to touch the photo, meaning that the normal rectangular pictures won’t do but you need to cut, scratch, tear… your pics. In this art journling page of mine I have cut several different photos. The challenge will close on 17 Jul. It would be lovely to see your creations!

Tämä aukeama oli yksi kurssityöni Courseran Introduction to Art -kurssille. Työn tekemisen yhteydessä piti kirjoittaa myös Artist Statement, jonka liitän tähän, mikäli jotakuta kiinnostaa lukea tarkempia taustoja tähän art journaling -aukeamaan.

This art journaling double page is part of my course work for Coursera’s online class Introduction to Art. When submitting the art work for the class I had to write an Artist Statement, which I will attach here in case somebody is interested to read a bit more about these art journaling pages.

Advice to my children through Art Journaling

I wanted to create my Fantastic Art piece by art journaling – something I have wanted to try for a long time but never haven’t. This was the perfect opportunity and I loved it! I prepared the background by using brayer & a few different shades of ink. Then I took out a few stamps, mesh, ink sprays and water spray and played with them for a bit. The next layer was created with photos and cut outs from magazines. I loved combining those too! I included a little bit of doodling and washi tape for extra detail.

There are lots of things I would like to teach my children. Sometimes it is difficult to get the message through or have them understand what I want them to know or learn. Sometimes it seems easier to put it on paper, it is then there whenever they feel like finding it. Surely my children are now still very small but they will grow. Art Journaling (and scrapbooking that I normally do) are my heritage to them.

Although the title of this piece of work is about something for my children, the pages have lots of hidden meanings and parabels that describe my feelings and thoughts of things – like for example the “rain” made of tiny alphabets & acrylic paint. Although the text on the unbrella says: “I wish to protect you from the rains of life” I also feel that my children need protection and guidance regarding the flood of information the modern generation is surrounded by – hence the letters raining down on the page. Another example – why Colosseum with birch tree trunks? Rome is one of my dearest destinations and here it represents travel and world. The birch tree is very typical to Finland where I am from. The stamped text on the page (“not all who wonder are lost”) kind of brings these things together. We are an army family and move around a lot, we wander. I wish my children will never feel lost although at least for the moment they don’t have roots anywhere.


4 comments on “Art Journal for the first time ever!

  1. I love your pages! they are beautiful to look at but I also love the idea that there are so many meanings and emotions hidden here.
    I think it’s fantastic that art journaling gives us such freedom – no rules, no limits – just pure joy of creating!
    watch out – it’s addictive! 🙂
    I’m looking forward to sit and journal with you this August in Poland. 🙂

  2. Tämä on hieno kokonaisuus, värit, doodlaus – kaikki. Munkin täytyisi pyhittää vihko näiden Art Journaling sivujen tekemiselle – ekat olen tehnyt ihan kirjan sivulle ja se ei ole ihan käytännölistä.

  3. I too have been attempting to dabble in art journaling. I actually really like the fussy cutting of photos and adding them to a page 🙂 You did a fantastic job and it’s a wonderful lesson and story you want to pass on your children. I really like!

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